Basal Implant

Immediate loading basal implants - a revolutionary new method that allows for an entire set of implants to be applied following 6 dental visits within a 10-day period.

Around 45% of adults are affected by gum disease, with 10% experiencing it in a form that leads to tooth loss. The most common treatment to combat this is the use of dental implants; however, it is said that to consider implants, patients should ideally have healthy gums and adequate bone for support.

Yet, an innovative new treatment is being implemented by dentists globally. Immediate loading basal implants are seen as more efficient, and requires less stringent oral hygiene prior to the procedure.

Immediate loading basal implants

A revolutionary and completely new method for dental implantation, where there is no need for bone augmentation in even the worst cases.

They differ from classical implants primarily through the execution of the prosthetic construction and post-operative regime, but also in terms of their placing and force distribution. Also, the implants are one single unit, and made of bio-compatible titanium alloy.

How long do immediate loading basal implants last?

These dental implants are specially designed to last for life. They offer the closest possible alternative to an actual tooth replacement; functioning, feeling, and looking just like natural teeth./p>

How painful are immediate loading basal implants?

Usually, local anaesthesia is used during the procedure, and most patients report that implants involve less pain than a tooth extraction./p>

After the dental implant, painkillers will be prescribed to combat any pain, whilst mild headaches caused by muscle strain can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications.