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So often you must have admired the look of your favorite actor be it films, television or theatre, cogitating about the secret of these even row of sparkling pearl like teeth. LOOK NO FURTHER FOR YOUR ANSWERS!

At We Care Dental Clinic in Ghatkopar we can give you that perfect look you always dreamed about! Be it your personal life or your career a perfect smile can make a dramatic difference in your persona.

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Porcelain Veneers Treatment in Mumbai

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How does this happen?

The secret of this mystery lies in the appearance of the front teeth and gums achieved by means of LAMINATES and sometimes also to Zircon Crowns. Using laminates we can restore broken teeth, and give them a new shape, and also improve the shape and color of the healthy teeth to give you that WOW look you always wanted!

What are Laminates?

Laminates are fully ceramic sheets made of porcelain that can be attached to your natural teeth. Using them we can rectify your row of teeth to be even, we can do it quickly and harmlessly, and you will have the sparkling smile you deserve.This technology avoids the complaints that go with dental braces wearing them for a long time, and it also enables to select the shade as well as to widen or lengthen the dental space. If you would like to add your personal touches or desire something specific in your smile it can be modified accordingly.

Laminates are applied to healthy or correctly healed teeth.

This wonderful procedure of making laminates is based on joining the four important details:

  • Beautiful
  • Natural
  • Suitable to your age, sex and face
  • Technically reliable

What does the appointment at Dr. Patel in Ghatkopar consist of if I wish to have laminates?

If you have decided to have laminates the condition of your mouth will be examined by the dentists at our clinic in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Firstly, your broken teeth will be treated.Secondly, your face and dentition will be photographed.You can bring with you to our clinic in Ghatkopar, if you wish, the photos of other people’s mouths where teeth indentation is clearly visible to show the dentist what you would like to have.

Thirdly, the reproduction of your teeth will be made, and the technician will model new teeth with the ‘possible shape’ made of wax. ‘The possible shape’ means that the technician has to model the most possible beautiful, natural like teeth according to the your wish, and at the same time it must be technically most stable and meet the requirements the laminates are supposed to have.

Finally after your approval; your teeth will be prepared and then beautiful laminates customaly made for you by our expert ceramists will be applied on your teeth. We Care is looking forward to giving you that special look you deserve!For more great information just visit our section of SMILES


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